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  • The philosopher Theodore Zeldin has given the world a challenge: "When will we make the same breakthroughs in the way we relate to each other as we have made in technology”If you were fortunate enough, earlier this year you might have attended the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. There, you listened to CEOs, academics and other luminaries speak about the upcoming Fourth Industrial Revolution —dubbed as such by Mr Klaus Schwab, himself founder and executive chairman of the Forum.During those extraordinary sessions you also learned that this “revolution”, powered by the greatest and latest in digital technology, would not only continue to bring together billions of people, but also eventually interconnect tens of billions of devices, robots, machines, energy

  • Or are you unsure about what your people think about you, the vision and the future of the company?Then measuring employee engagement is a great way to know where you stand and what is going on. We recently helped a new CEO measure how engaged his people were when he had just started in his position. This also because he had implemented a new strategy for transparency and communication and he wanted to see if this was well received by the employees. It was. They had noticed and we gave a good analysis over the areas he could focus on to further improve the company culture. ​Don’t wait to the yearly employee survey that doesn’t help you take the pulse on your organisation,

  • We are measuring company culture and employee engagement for SMB companies globally and what we have seen is the importance of everyone stepping up taking responsibility for the work culture.On Thursday we are going to be sharing what we have found when measuring engagement and how you can improve your work culture, even if you are not a leader.Do you want to know how to improve your work culture? Then you can secure your place here: are a limited amount of places so make sure to secure your place today.​​

  • We are just out of a meeting with what I would call the ideal client.And it all started with a cold call.What is the ideal client? A leader who is humble, emotional intelligent and who is honest on What works and what doesn’t in their company and who takes full responsibility of how they do When it comes to work culture and performance.We are measuring their work culture and performance in all countries they are established And we truly enjoy every meeting we have with them.And it all started with a cold call.A process that has taken 10 months from the start to where we are nowSo what is my advice to you as a leader looking for ways to

  • There's a lot of talk about big data and there are a lot of buzz words that makes a lot of noise. So let's cut through it; what all the buzz and fuss is as you know about how to make more intelligent decisions in your business, based on data that can bring you as close to the truth as possible. And that also comes to your most valuable asset; your intellectual capital; your people. How often do you measure how you are doing and what are you able to do with the results you get from the measurements? What do you really know about what person x, y, z thinks about you, your leadership and your vision for the future? If you

  • Radical transparency in the workplace, are you up for it?Ray Dalio's Ted Talk (you may find it here) "How to build a company where the best ideas win" reveals how you can use algorithms in decision making in your company, to radically improve your decision making. Using algorithms will eliminate the opportunity to make decisions based on human emotions, biases and knowledge you have that is not updated. As Ray Dalio says; this radical transparency is not for everyone but will definitely eliminate (bad and un-unnecessary) politics and hidden agendas. It will also eliminate fear of what you don't know, because you will know what others think at any given time.#algorithms #MIoT #decisions #decisionmaking #leader #leadership #company #workculture #transparency #raydalio #tedtalk

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